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A half day certificate course with Herbalist and Grower Ross Hennessy at the East Clare co-op.

This course is aimed at the organic farmer, wildcrafter or herbalist who wishes to grow/harvest medicinal crops and sell them for processing into Herbal medicines. We have to follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards in our processing facility and GACP with growing and harvesting, it insures full trace-ability back to the seed source for each medicinal product. Following GACP standards insures that only the highest quality plants are grown and harvested at their optimal times. The course content is compiled from years of crop trials that Ross has carried out and up to date European guidelines.

We will cover the following topics on the day:

Ross offers consultancy services to growers who wish to produce commercial quantities of organic medicinal herbs. He can advise on crop selection, expected yields both fresh and dried, harvesting and preparing for transport, equipment and documentation needed. You may already have native plants growing wild on your site that can be identified and valued for sale.  Option for adding value to your crop by means of processing, market outlets in Ireland and in Europe. Ross offers full training to growers in GACP (Good agricultural and collection practices for medicinal plants) and HACCP.

Site visits and consultancy services start from €150.

Call Ross on 087 6272633

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